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Hot Doug's Duck Fat Delight

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    For fourteen years there was one sausage king of Chicago and his name wasn’t Abe Froman.  With an uncanny knack for crafting deliciously unique flavors while respecting the traditions of the “Chicago Dog”, Hot Doug was Monet with a bun.  While it would have been enough for him to wear the encased meat crown, he knew that the people of Chicago- nay – the world deserved more, they deserved a side unlike any other!  Roaming the streets of his fair city one night, a vision came to him and he realized that he needn’t be limited to traditional oils when making fries.  Looking up at the skyline he shouted to the top of Sears Tower for all to hear: “I shall use duck fat!” and a piece of culinary history was born.   Though his trusty fryers at 3324 N. California Avenue have stopped bubbling, the King has found a way to continue to provide his people with a snack unlike any other.  With a hand from Berco, the brilliance of the king lives on in this Duck Fat Delight popcorn.  If you never got to indulge in the delicacies of Hot Doug before he left the building, fear not- his majesty hears your siren calls for more and he answers "YOU GOT IT!"

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